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Nicole Wholean


Elizabeth Enders (b. 1939)
Maine Series II, 1987
Watercolor on paper

Gift of the artist

As someone who appreciates contemporary art I was thrilled to see Maine Series II by Elizabeth Enders enter the Museum’s collection last year. For a short while this picture sat on the fireplace mantle, just outside my office. I often use the space for cataloguing new additions to the collection. The eye-popping, bright blue color beckoned my attention throughout the day and I sometimes became distracted by its visually transporting quality.

I admire the depth of the blue, which is particularly rich for a watercolor. Enders’ work is abstract with focus on nature and the rich colors and horizontal brushstrokes are evocative of the chilly Northern Atlantic. I feel serenity when I look at this work and while the artist’s technique may seem effortless to some, I find beauty in its simplicity.